5: Top set - well you really can't go wrong with top set, there are a few wrap flushdraw combos where top set is a small dog. But vs the other 95% of hands you are facing you will always be in the lead. Press the petal to the metal, bet, bet, raise... be careful though as you are going to be against draws most of the time. If the flush or straight … Read More

Andouille Festival Music, crafts, meals and a gumbo cook-off, plus rides and children's actions. Admission: $3 adults, $1 kids age twelve and younger. St. John Civic Middle, 2900 U.S. 51, LaPlace, 985.652.9569.West Louisiana Forestry Festival Agricultural fair with contests, carnival, fair, rodeo parade and much more. Vernon Parish Fairgrounds, 276… Read More

New York isn't any Lock - The Giants aren't a squad that may be depended on either. They almost lost a week ago to Jacksonville. poker online came from behind to win 24-20 in a match that may have saved their season. The New York defense was great in the second half and shut down the Jacksonville Jaguars. The win by the Giants got them into a 1st… Read More

Online poker is not that overpowering for newbies in the title of poker. This is simply because there are various venues for apply on-line too. You don't even have to invest much more bucks because there are sites that permit for totally free practice. There are also numerous articles that deal with some tips and methods that pros use. Consumer sup… Read More